Friday, September 3, 2010

Oxygen in use.

The first time I went to Bokoshe was when The Center for Energy Matters had been holding public meetings to help organize the community to help stop the AES Shady Point Two power plant. When I found out that the power plant had an offsite surface impoundment I decided to go see what one looked like. On my way to the site, I noticed that several of the houses had these signs in their windows and doors. Thinking back to my neighborhood and any other that I had ever been in, I knew that the number of signs that I was seeing in Bokoshe was unusually high.

I pulled over to the house that had this particular sign in their door and  introduced myself as a journalist and asked why so many people had these signs displayed at their homes. The woman who answered the door early that Saturday morning was Lisa Tackett, the moment I finished talking she grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me in the house. She said "You need to talk to my husband"

I spoke to the family for just a few minutes and thought that their story was so incredible, I asked if I could go outside and get my camera to tape their story and a project was born. You can watch the video here:

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