Friday, September 3, 2010

Making Money Having Fun!

Just about two miles from a population of 450 is where the dump site is located. The dump is unlined and many people who live nearby depend on wells for their water. Despite violations issued in 2009 by the DEQ Air Quality Division and EPA Water Quality Division, the dump is still in operation. The dump site is operated by Making Money Having Fun LLC , and despite being found in violation of both the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act for 7 years, M.M.H.F. was accessed no monetary penalties.


  1. Is Making Money Having Fun! someones idea of a sick joke? The least they could do is change the name to Making Money Putting Public Health in Peril!

    Thank you for your work in bringing this side of the coal industry to light.

  2. Can anyone from Bokoshe area contact me?